Fletcher-Rae were appointed to develop concept proposals for a modern contemporary home in Cheshire.

Our client for the project is very much an advocate of contemporary architecture and wanted a new home that was ‘of its time’ and not a traditional pastiche building. This approach was both refreshing and enjoyable.

The brief was to provide open-plan kitchen, dining/ living areas and to maximise natural light and visual connection to the mature landscaping around the plot. A previous planning consent had dictated the position of the building, proportions and general set-backs for the site which meant that a number of constraints had to be overcome.

With this in mind we created a split height building which responded to the previous consent and allowed us to incorporate a double height entrance space which ran through to the back of the house providing extra height over the dining area. A gallery study landing at first floor also gave opportunities to view down into the living areas.

Sandiway, Cheshire

Client: Private

The scheme is approx. 280sqm and received planning Spring 2017.